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4 Jan

The transfer lines from the tunnels to K4 and K5 were started


A new balanced crank-shaft was fitted to effluent disposal pump.


The filling of the No 18 Smoke Generator Mark I ceased.


6lb ground bomb production ceased.


The average women’s wage in engineering was £3 10s: the average men’s wage in engineering was £7. Only 4cwt of coal was allowed per month.

22 Jan

The Anzio Landings took place in Italy.


On two successive Saturday afternoons children’s parties were given to the children of the employees. 519 children and 237 adults were entertained to a Xmas show, with a fairy, a clown and a conjurer followed by tea and a short film show.

8 Feb

In the interests of fuel economy, work was concentrated in K4 and K4A.

10 Feb

A train load to Lords Bridge was frozen in its siding. The tanks were returned and up to 29 trucks were located in the tunnels and the heating switched on until they were re-sent on 15th May.


The weighing machines in R3 were overhauled by Messrs. Pooley (suppliers.)


The number of tunnel attendants was reduced to one.

23 Mar

R4 Closed down.


1,421,000 non-British troops were stationed in the UK, the majority GIs. 140,000 Home Guard were serving in ack-ack batteries.

13 May

Salute the Soldier Week raised £51,025 with weekly deductions rising to £554 raising £51,673 during the year.


The side tunnel doors were permanently locked and Shift Attendant work ceased.

6 Jun

D-Day in Normandy.

13 Jun

The first flying bomb hit London causing the fresh evacuation of 1,500,000 people from the city.

7 Jul

K5 was re-opened for the charging of U.S. type drums.

21 Aug

P5 was started up manufacturing HBD.

23 Aug

The Liberation of Paris, France.

3 Sep

The Liberation of Brussels, Belgium.

8 Sep

The first V-2 rocket landed on Britain.

17 Sep

The air-borne raid at Arnhem in the Netherlands fails.


5 tons of rocks were removed from the roof of B chamber in the tunnels. The ends of the dividing walls between the chambers were reinforced with concrete facings in some places.


The Fuel Saving Committee reported that the fuel savings for the past 12 months was equivalent to nearly 7,000 tons of boiler slack or 38% of the previous consumption figures.


By the end of the month only 21 men and 35 women remained in K section.


P5 closed down on the instructions from the Operations Dept., Runcorn

24 & 28 Dec

A 'Flying Bomb launched from aircraft' warning was raised.


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