RVHS Monthly Meeting
at 14:00 on Thursday 15th June 2017

in the Visitor Centre, 17 Nant Alyn Road, Rhydymwyn.



  1. Acceptance of the May 2017 Notes.
  2. Matters arising from the May 2017 Meeting.
  3. The Website Report and update.
  4. Finances and new kit. There are some new additions and plans for others.
  5. Latest developments on the manning of the site and some further bad experiences.
  6. Update on the tunnels:
    a. Report on locating the new barriers and lighting within the system and externally.
    b. Filming within the tunnels.
    c. Report on the training of further Tunnel Guides and support staff.
    e. Planning and manning the June set up open days.
    f. Reviewing the tentage needs.
  7. Update on Project Hush which has now completed its R&D phase. There will be a report on the actual performance.
  8. Report on the potential heritage developments including schools and many other social strands.
  9. Final take on the bookings by others in our name.
  10. Bats in Building 45. The building is now closed but there are major developments including a report on a very recent conference call.
  11. Outstanding Issues:
    a. The Land Trust.
    b. The opening of Building R3.
    c. The siting of vehicles in Building P4.
    d. We still have an urgent need for secure storage on the site.
    e. Report on oral history and data collection.
    f. Cleaning.
  12.  AOB.

If you need any further information about any of our events
you can contact us by telephone on 01352 781129

or by email at

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The Rhydymwyn Valley History Society is funded by:

Heritage Lottery Fund Subterranea Britannica Flintshire County Council Welsh Government
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